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29 May 2023

A turbocharger is an air compressor (Air-compressor) driven by the exhaust gas generated by the operation of an internal combustion engine through a structure composed of a stator and a rotor. Similar in function to a supercharger, both increase the flow of air into an internal combustion engine or boiler, making the machine more efficient. It is commonly used in automobile engines. By using the heat and flow of exhaust gas, turbochargers can increase the horsepower output of internal combustion engines. Some vehicles use turbochargers not to increase engine power, but through turbochargers. The compressor is matched with an engine with a smaller cylinder volume to improve fuel economy and environmental protection without sacrificing engine output performance (compared with a naturally aspirated engine).

Generally, the weight of an internal combustion engine for a vehicle will increase after adding a supercharger, and the energy used to overcome inertia will increase. Because the turbocharger uses the exhaust gas from the engine as its power source most of the time, it has advantages over the supercharger driven by the engine crankshaft (Crankshaft). However, when the engine is running at a low speed, the exhaust gas flow rate is low, so when the blade speed of the turbocharger does not meet the minimum requirement, the supercharging performance is not as ideal as that of the supercharger, and turbo lag (Turbo lag) occurs. -Lag) phenomenon. However, with the development of technology, turbochargers have been intervened earlier to improve engine efficiency at low speeds.

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