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Different types of turbocharging systems

Different types of turbocharging systems

28 Mar 2023

According to the differences in the power source of the supercharger, the supercharging technology of gasoline engines can be divided into exhaust gas turbocharging technology and mechanical supercharging technology.

Advantages of exhaust gas turbocharging system: engine power improvement, energy saving, environmental protection, plateau power compensation.

Disadvantages of the exhaust gas turbocharging system: turbo intervention hysteresis, low cycle efficiency, poor performance in all working conditions, and large heat load of gasoline engine supercharging.

Advantages of supercharging technology: quick throttle response, high torque at low speed, and high reliability.

Disadvantages of supercharging technology: loss of engine power, poor fuel economy, poor acceleration, and noise.

There is also a compound supercharging system: that is, exhaust gas turbocharging and mechanical supercharging are used together. This device is widely used in high-power diesel engines. The engine output power is large, the fuel consumption rate is low, and the noise is small, but the structure is too complicated. The technical content is high, and the maintenance is not easy, so the penetration rate is not high.

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